Warranty Information

Please keep in mind that vape kits, pods, e-cigarette kits, mods, and batteries are made up of different parts and, as a result, may have varied warranty durations.

Vape kits and mods have 30 days guarantee from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by accident or ordinary wear and tear. If the kit is damaged, your guarantee will be null and void. Please contact us to report your issue. You may be asked to return the kit or mod for evaluation. For an acceptable warranty claim, the device/mod must be returned to us in its original packaging.

E-liquids, pods, and disposable vapes/e-cigarettes are sold in sealed packaging with no warranties. The sole exception to this rule is when an item has a manufacturing flaw. If you suspect an item you received was defective when it arrived, please contact our team member within seven days of delivery. If there is a shipment error, we will replace the items. Any missing products must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery for us to correct the problem.

Please remember that we need the box batch number for any throwaway warranty claims. Without this information, we cannot replace any disposable vape kits. More video or photographic evidence may be required.